Lindsey Wilson Soccer Camp

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Release Liability ADULT for Wells 18

Release Liability by PARENT for minor-Wells 18

Update for any Bronco attending the Lindsey Wilson Team Soccer Camp (Message from Camp Director, Paulo Neto):

Check-in is on Tuesday July 10th between 8:00 and 9:00 am at Richardson Hall (see link for directions below). We want to have the check-in process finalized by 9:00 am, as we intend to have the camp opening ceremony at 9:20 am. The camp ceremony is going to be held at the Biggers Sports Center. First training session will follow the opening ceremony. Please note that your first meal in the camp is lunch on Tuesday and your last meal is breakfast on Friday. Check-out will take place on Friday July 13th starting at noon. PLEASE NOTE LWC IS ON CT ZONE.

At the check-in, we will need to get your paperwork if you haven’t sent us that yet (registration forms and camp balances). Players need to bring bed linens, pillows, and towels. There will be washers and dryers available in the dormitory area for those who need to do laundry. Each player is responsible for bringing their soccer gear (for four days including indoor shoes), soccer ball, and water bottle. Also, during the week players will have the opportunity to swim in our indoor pool so they are welcome to bring swimming shorts. It’s up to each camper to bring any type of sound system, alarm clock, video-games, cell phones, snacks, etc. The rooms have wireless access so players and coaches are welcome to bring their laptops.

Players will be served three meals per day but it’s very common for campers to order extra food so feel free to bring some money for that reason. We also have vending machines around campus.This year there are no refrigerators or microwaves allowed in the dorm rooms.

Players will be given room keys. If a key is lost, the fee is $85. Keys will be collected by the coach at the end of camp and returned to our camp administrator. Also, remind all soccer players that they are not to be kicking or throwing the soccer balls once inside the dorms. Damage to the ceiling tiles or anything else must be paid for before you leave camp. Please let us know when these things happen so we can get the problem fixed along with a price of what it will cost.

Some of the weekly training sessions will be held at the Lindsey Wilson Athletic Facilities located 5 minutes off campus. We will provide the transportation from the dorms to the fields and back to the dorms. Teams are welcomed to use their own vehicles in case they are keeping their buses on campus. Players are absolutely prohibited from driving their own vehicles off campus during the week.

Last, on Friday 7/13 at 11:00 am we will have our amp closing ceremony at the football stadium. Following that, we will promote our annual All-Star game, which features the top 33 campers (selected by the coaches during the week) playing against a team of coaches. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to arrive a little earlier to watch the game.

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