Lindsey Wilson Camp (Day 2)

Good morning all!

Yesterday, we ate breakfast around 7:30, followed by an intense session that focused on defensive roles and positioning. Our coach for the day was former Asbury and Midway soccer coach, TC Correjoelles. He did an amazing job with the boys. Directly after that session, we had lunch together. With us having the early session, we had a lot of free time for sleeping and fortnite. The boys are really bonding and it’s fun to see them grow with one another.

We watched the first half of the World Cup Semi-Final (Go Croatia) together. Once halftime started, we walked down to the soccer field for session #2. Unfortunately, mother nature did not want us to practice and the boys (plus 40 others) came back to finish the rest of the WC game in our dorm lobby. What a game to watch together, a lot of excitement and drama!

After the game, we had about 4 hours to hang out. The sleeping and forniting resumed. Check out my instagram (coachshalash) story to see the boys reaction to one of their teammates getting a win, lol. We ate dinner together and then relaxed before our two games. Once we got to the field, we were on a little delay due to a team not arriving on time. Coach Neto told me there’s only one true JV team here and that we would be playing two varsity level squads. The first of those was Madison Southern. Coach TC went with 4-2-3-1. The boys were very rusty and it took them time to adjust to the system, but they really shined in the second half. I didn’t take official stats, but I’d say we had about 15 goal scoring opportunities. Madison Southern had one or two. It was one of those games where you deserve to score, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Regardless, Coach TC, Parker, P, and my self are extremely proud of what they did that game.

The second game was against a mix of four different high schools. They were talented and fast. Our true JV team started the game. The guys balled out the first half. They really set the tempo and fought hard on every 50/50 ball. We were playing so well that their coach put in his “stars” to balance out the game. I wish I had taken a picture of how big they were compared to our guys. The first half ended 0-0. After halftime, the opposing team scored two goals to beat us. Even though we didn’t get the result, it was such an amazing night. Quoting coach TC, “I haven’t had this much fun in a very long time, I love you guys, so glad I was able to coach you all.” The reasoning behind his quote isn’t because we’re so young, it’s because we’re so full of life and energy. Every player stood on the sideline and cheered for their brothers. It was all real and not forced. Coaches that were watching even joined our side. Anytime something happened, you could hear the boys shouting and giving their teammates the love they deserve.

So proud of these guys. Every body on campus keeps giving the coaches compliments on how well-mannered the boys are, it’s a testament to what we’re trying to build…. something very, very special!

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